Today: January 28, 2020

Finance Department

2020 Budget Estimate – Final
2020 Tax Budget – Draft

The Director of Finance serves as the City’s Chief Fiscal Officer and is responsible for financial functions as specified by the City’s Charter and Codified Ordinances and is generally responsible for managing the financial activities of the City of Ashtabula.

The functions of the Finance Department include:

Department mission statement:

  • To demonstrate accountability, transparency and objectivity;
  • To provide quality service to the residents; and to safeguard the City’s assets.
  • To manage and maintain financial records in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with State and Federal laws;
  • To develop and maintain effective and efficient financial planning, reporting and central support systems in order to support the operating departments in achieving their program objectives;
  • To provide financial information on a timely and meaningful basis.

The employees in the Finance Department strive to provide efficient, high quality information and support to the residents, community at large and other city departments. We welcome your comments and suggestions.
4717 Main Ave
Ashtabula, OH 44004